Maharashtrian style Bharva Baingan (Brinjal)

Bharva Baingan
Bharva Baingan

Description –

Bharva baingan can be prepared in many ways. Everyone region and cuisine has its own version. I prepared Bharva baingan in Maharashtrian style this time. Maharashtrian cuisine involves little different style of cooking with similar kind of ingredients with one or two different ingredients. Maharashtrian style of cooking uses freshly ground masalas like goda masala, kanda lasoon masala, malvani masala and kala masala. Maharashtrian cuisine also uses peanuts and coconut is some of the recipes.

In this recipe of Bharva baingan I have used onions, peanuts, kanda lasoon as a part of main ingredients.
This recipe is simple to cook yet tastes delicious. It is healthy recipe.

Preparation Time – 10 Mins
Cooking Time – 25 – 30 Mins
Servings – 3

Ingredients –
For Stuffing –
• Onion – 1 Medium Size
• Roasted Peanuts – 50 gms.
• Red chili powder – ½ Tsp
• Salt to taste
• Oil – 1 Tsp

• Baingan (Brinjal) small size – 6 – 7 Nos.
• Turmeric Powder- ¼ Tsp
• Kanda Lasoon masala – 1 Tsp
• Salt to taste
• Oil – 2 Tbsp

• Coriander leaves to garnish (optional)

Method –
Stuffing Preparation –
• Peel and wash onion. Roughly chop them.

• In a mixer jar add roughly chopped onions, roasted peanuts, salt and red chili powder.










• Grind to make a paste.






• Add oil and little water as required. Grind again to make puree.






• Stuffing is ready.

(Stuffing)Filling Baingan –






• Wash baingan.







Make 2 slits in baingan vertically (lengthwise) for stuffing.







• Fill the stuffing in slit baingan.

• Keep aside remaining onion peanut masala (stuffing).
Preparing Gravy-






• Heat oil in a nonstick pan.







Add onion and peanut (stuffing) masala.







• Mix well. Cook for 3-4 mins without covering.







• Add kanda lasoon masala and turmeric powder.







Mix well and allow to cook till oil starts separating from the gravy.







• Add stuffed baingans to the gravy.







Mix well and allow to cook for 5 mins on a low flame, covering with lid.






• Flip baingans and allow to cook for next 5 mins.












• Add water and salt as required.







• Mix well and allow to cook for 8 – 10 mins on a low flame, covering the lid.






• Stir gently and check if baingans are cooked, using a fork. If fork slides in baingan easily that means they are cooked. If not cook for another 3-4 mins or as required.
• Garnish with coriander.(optional)
• Serve with hot rotis or puris. (Beetroot Paratha Recipe), (Ajwain Paratha Recipe), (Masala Puri Recipe)
Bharva Baingan






Tips and Tricks –
• Cooks best in a heavy bottom or a non-stick pan/kadai.
• Always adjust spices as per your taste. Covering the lid makes cooking faster.
• Peanuts stick easily to the bottom so keep stirring in between and cook on low to medium flame.
• Add water as per desired consistency of the gravy. Also add salt accordingly.
• Adjust spices as per taste.

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