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Chinese food is famous all over the world. Due to its varied taste and style of preparation these recipes differs from region to region. It mainly has garlic flavour and requires some sauces which are easily available in market.

Chinese cuisine has various varieties of recipes. Here is the list of some quick and easy vegetarian recipes \. One can prepare these recipes as a starter or snack for parties.

Chinese starters goes well in every party on small or large scale. These recipes are favorite among all and hence are a major hit on almost all the occasions. Chinese soups are healthy, as a result most of the people prefers them over tea.

Every kind of vegetables goes well in chinese recipes. Therefore its a good way of vegetable intake for kids. Most of all the recipes in this cuisine have same or similar ingredients which makes it simpler to prepare.


Veg Manchurian

Veg Manchurian dry

Dry Veg Manchurian   Description – This Indochinese recipe of Dry Veg Manchurian can be prepared easily and tastes delicious. It can be used a starter dish in the menu or as the side...

veg crispy

Veg Crispy

Veg Crispy Description – This Chinese recipe of Veg Crispy is tangy and delicious. It has goodness of vegetables and good flavors. Preparation Time – 10 Mins Cooking Time – 10 Mins Ingredients...

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