Category: Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are best to reduce weight. Helps in reducing in between meals food cravings. These recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Good ideas for munching while also helps to reduce weight.

Diet conscious people can include these recipes in their regular daily diet. For better results replace high calorie food from your diet with these simple recipes. It needs easily available ingredients to make these dishes. Can also be customized as per the available ingredients and taste.

In today’s kind of work culture and day to day activities it is very important to be health conscious. Hence it becomes important to convert out daily intake into healthy and nutritious diet.

Moong Daal Upma

Moong Dal Upma

Moong Dal Upma Description – This recipe of Moong Dal Upma is very nutritious and is a complete meal in itself. It contains the goodness of vegetables and peanuts. Preparation Time – 4...

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