Homemade Curd

Homemade Curd
Homemade curd
Homemade Curd

How to make curd

Description –
Curd is a great accompaniment to be served with everyday meal. Tastes best with rice recipes, chat items, raita, kadhi or simply with salt and pepper garnishing. Sweet lassi and buttermilk (chach) are also made from curd. It is a great source of calcium. Its always best to use fresh and homemade curd. This curd recipe will help you make homemade curd.

Preparation Time – 10 Mins
Cooking Time – No cooking Required

• Full fat Milk – ½ Cup
• Curd – 1 Tsp

Method –
• Pour the milk in a heavy bottom pan. Allow to boil on a medium flame.
• Lower the flame and boil till cream (malai) forms on top.
• Remove the milk from the gas top and let it cool to luke warm.
• Add 1 tsp. of curd and mix gently till it dissolves in milk completely.
• Cover and keep in a warmer place for 5-6 hours or till the curd is set.

Tips and Tricks –
• Use full cream milk to get thicker and creamy curd.
• Add a whole green chili just before letting the curd to set, this will faster the process.
• Depending on the climate you can place the curd to set. In colder areas or during winters, cover and keep it in a switched off microwave or in an aata (wheat flour) box.
• Use of sour curd to set will yield sour curd.
• Milk should not be hot, else it will coagulate.

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