Moong Dal Tadka

Moong Dal Tadka
Moong Dal Tadka

Moong Dal Tadka

Description –

Moong dal is quickest to prepare out of all dals (pulses). This is an easy recipe of moong dal and healthy too. It can be prepared either in pressure cooker or a sauce pan. There are various ways in which moong dal can be prepared.

This recipe of moong dal can be served with jeera rice, garlic rice, steamed rice, roti or paratha.
Moong dal is boiled and tempered in ghee along with spices giving it a delicious taste.

Moong Dal Tadka

Soaking Time – 10 – 15 Mins
Preparation Time – 5 Mins
Cooking Time – 20 – 25 Mins

Ingredients –
• Yellow split moong dal – 1/2 cup
• Water – 2 Cups
• Salt to taste
• Turmeric powder – ¼ Tsp
For Tempering
• Tomato finely chopped – 1 Medium size
• Garlic finely chopped – 2 cloves
• Ghee- 2 Tbsp
• Cumin seeds – ½ Tsp
• Mustard seeds – ½ Tsp
• Green chili (slit in between) – 1
• Red chili powder – 1 Tsp
• Turmeric powder- ¼ Tsp
• Salt to taste
• Coriander leaves to garnish (optional)

Method –

For Soaking–
• Rinse and wash moong dal under running water till water comes clear.
• In a bowl add moong dal; add enough water to immerse dal in it completely. Cover and soak for 10 – 15 mins.
Cooking/Boiling Moong dal –
1st Method-
• Drain water from soaked dal.
• In a sauce pan add 2 cups of water, moong dal, salt and turmeric powder.
• Bring water to boil. Cover and simmer till dal is cooked completely.

2nd Method-
• Drain water from soaked dal.
• In a pressure cooker add 1 cup of water, moong dal, salt and turmeric powder. Cover and cook for 2 whistles.
• Switch off the flame. Open the lid when the pressure is completely released by itself.
• Check if dal is cooked properly. It should be soft with mushy like consistency.
• If not add water if required and pressure cook for 1 more whistle or as required.

For Tempering –

• Heat 1 Tbsp of ghee in a heavy bottom kadai or a non-stick pan. Add slit green chili and finely chopped garlic and cook till raw smell goes off.
• Add finely chopped tomatoes and cook till ghee starts separating and tomatoes turn dark red in colour.
• Add salt and mix. Add tomato masala to cooked dal and mix.
• In a separate pan heat remaining ghee. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and allow spluttering. Switch off the flame.
• Add red chili powder and turmeric powder and mix. Add this tempering to dal.
• Cover for 5 -10 mins to infuse all the flavours together with dal.
• Garnish with coriander leaves. (optional)
• Serve hot with rice or roti. (Garlic Rice Recipe),(Jeera Rice Recipe),(Steamed Rice),(Ajwain Paratha Recipe)

Tips and Tricks –
• Cooks faster when soaked beforehand.
• Do not cover the lid while cooking tomato masala.
• Cooks faster when pressure cooked.
• Ghee gives aromatic flavours.
• On keeping moong dal for a little while after cooking makes it thicker.

Facts about moong dal –
Health benefits & Nutritional Value-
• High in dietary fibre. Dietary fiber can help reduce blood cholesterol levels as well as prevent dietary complications, such as constipation and diverticulosis.
• Rich in potassium, calcium, folate and other members of vitamin B complex.
• All B vitamins help your body break down carbohydrates into glucose, to produce usable fuel for your body.
• Folic acid also helps with healthy brain function and the production of DNA.
• It also contains some vitamin E, C and K.
• Good source of protein for vegetarians.
Other Names-
• Moong dhuli dal
• Moong pulses
• Split yellow moong lentils

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