Onion Pakora (Kanda Bhajji)

Onion Pakora
Onion Pakora

Description –

Onion pakora is a dish which is enjoyable at any time of the day in any season specially in monsoon. Onion pakoras are deep fried sliced onions mixed with gram flour and few spices. These crispy onion pakoras are delicious and can be prepared easily and quickly. Onion pakoras are also called kanda bhajji in Maharashtra.

Onion pakora are available and are everyone’s favourite across the country. They are most enjoyed in a rainy season with a cup of tea. Onion pakora makes a good tea time snack as well.

(Corn Pakora Recipe)
Preparation Time – 10 Mins
Resting Time – 15 Mins
Cooking Time – 15 – 20 Mins
Servings – 3-4

Ingredients –
• Sliced onions (layers separated) – 2 Cups
• Gram Flour /Chickpea flour (Besan) – 3/4Cup
• Finely chopped coriander -2 Tbsp (optional)
• Finely chopped green chili – 1 Tsp
• Dry mango powder/amchoor powder – 1/2 Tsp
• Red chili powder – ½ Tsp
• Turmeric Powder – ½ Tsp
• Coriander Powder – ½ Tsp
• Asafoetida – pinch
• Water as required
• Salt to taste
• Oil to deep fry

Method –
• Wash, peel and slice onions and chop green chilies.






• In a mixing bowl add sliced onions, gram flour, chopped coriander (optional), chopped green chili, amchur powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida and salt.





• Mix all the ingredients well.






• Cover and set aside for 15 mins. Onion will release its water content and this will help coating onions nicely with spices and flours.





• Add little water (2Tbsp) if required. Make sure to make a moist mass of mixture. It should not be of batter or running consistency. Mix well.





• Heat sufficient oil in a wok (kadai) to deep fry.

• Check the required temperature of oil by dropping tiny piece of mixture in oil. It should rise up immediately.





• When oil has reached at desired temperature deep fry the pakoras by taking small portion of mixture at a time and drop gently in oil. Do not add too many pieces at a time; make sure to leave some space in between pakoras while frying.





• Stir occasionally in between for even cooking.






• On a medium low flame deep fry the pakoras till golden brown.






• Drain on an absorbent paper.






• Repeat the process for remaining mixture and deep fry in batches.






Tips & Tricks –
• Resting onion mixture helps release its water content.
• Add water as required little by little so that the mixture does not become too watery.
• Rice flour and rawa helps in making pakoras crispy.
• Not too many pakoras should be fried at a time to make them crispy.

Facts about pakoras –
• The word pakora is derived from Sanskrit pakvavata, a compound of pakva (‘cooked’) and vata (‘a small lump’).

Regional Names –

• Among the Muslim Cape Malays of South Africa, pakoras are known as dhaltjies, and are usually eaten as an appetiser during iftar (festival), or as a snack food for weddings, births, or similar occasions.
• In India, particularly in Maharashtra and Karnataka, such preparations are known as bhajji.
• Pakoras are popular across South Asia and Great Britain.
• In China they are called pakoda.
• In Nepal they are called pakauda.

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